OAC Skinbased Ski Straps
OAC Skinbased Ski Straps

OAC Skinbased Ski Straps

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Simple and lightweight, our classic OAC Skinbased ski straps use a hook-and-loop closure system to securely hold your skis together. Perfectly sized for use with Skinbased skis.

  • Length: 40 cm (15 3/4") 
  • Sold in pairs

OAC Skinbased Skis

OAC Skinbased skis are perfect companions for winter trekking, fell skiing, snowshoe trails, rolling backcountry, and wherever your winter adventure takes you! Staying true to its roots, our new ski line maintains its core principles while offering new designs, improved performance, and eye-catching graphics. Our collection includes both touring-oriented XCD skin skis and versatile trekking skis. All products are designed to offer you new possibilities in the backcountry.