Best Practices for OAC Bindings
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Best Practices for OAC Bindings

Whether conducting reconnaissance in rugged, snow-covered terrain or patrolling frigid landscapes, the extremely versatile OAC EA 2.0 Universal Binding is built to meet the needs of military and tactical operatives. In order to ensure the binding’s maximum tactical advantage is gained, the below guidelines should be followed: 


  • Use only flexible-soled footwear with EA 2.0 Universal Bindings: The boot needs to bend at or near the toes/ball of the foot. 
  • While not essential, boots with good ankle support and lateral stiffness (side to side support) can greatly improve the function of the ski.  
  • Do not use: ski-specific boots (downhill or cross-country), mountaineering boots, or rigid-soled boots. 

Initial Binding Set Up: 

  • Adjust the binding length by lifting up on the lever sliding the heel unit along the baseplate. To re-secure the heel unit, press the lever back down, making sure it locks into place.  
  • The binding has a proper fit when the boot heel sits all the way back, touching the heel unit’s vertical posts, and the toe of the boot has approximately 1cm (0.5 inches) of space between it and the binding’s vertical front posts. 

Stepping Into and Out of the Binding 

  • When stepping into the binding, start by buckling the toe strap. Do not overtighten. Leave enough space for your index finger to fit between the boot and the strap.  
  • Next, tighten the ankle strap. With this strap you can have a snug fit between boot and strap. 
  • To step out of the binding, use your index finger to open the buckles, one at a time, by lifting up and pulling in on the release lever (located in the middle of the binding buckle) in one, swift motion. Using the release lever as a touch point, this operation can be done only by feel, allowing your sight to remain elsewhere.  

Now you are familiar with the EA 2.0 Universal Binding by OAC. For more information on proper boot selection, please see here.

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