How to Choose the Best Winter Tactical Boots
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How to Choose the Best Winter Tactical Boots

Choosing the best tactical boot for winter skiing is not an easy task. Every boot fits differently and has a different application. While the mission requirements might change, there are some general guidelines that will help to ensure that what you wear on your feet will carry you to mission success and back again. 

Flexible-soled: In addition to being a necessity for skiing with OAC EA 2.0 Bindings, flexible-soled boots, those that naturally bend at the toes/ball of the foot when walking, will be significantly warmer than rigid-soled boots. The ability to move and flex your feet and toes when in motion will bring additional warmth to the furthest reaches of your extremities.  

Supportive: Whether skiing or walking, moving over variable terrain to reach the target requires a supportive boot. The most important for use with Skinbased’s MIL skis includes good ankle support and torsional rigidity. Ankle support, which can help protect the joint, especially when equipped with a full kit, is often achieved through a high boot cuff with extended lacing. Torsional rigidity, or lateral stiffness, is critical when moving across steeper ground. This is often gained through a tall boot cuff and underfoot support.  

Largely sized: Operating in the cold may require you to size up in your footwear. Extra space in your boots is not only important for accommodating thicker socks, but also to allow for additional air space. This “dead air space” ensures that your foot remains uncompressed and has plenty of room to maximize circulation, as well as to provide an additional layer of insulation foot from the cold and snowy winter environment. 

Specific examples: It is of critical importance that your boot be well fitted and broken-in to your foot. While every boot fits differently and should be tried on, below are some exampled that we have found to suit the needs of military and tactical operators well, both on and off Skinbased MIL skis.  

  • AKU Griffon Combat GTX 
  • AKU Riserva Hi NBK GTX 

Once you have the right boot selected to match the mission, learn how to best fit it to the OAC EA 2.0 Universal Binding, here. 


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